Saturday, July 14, 2012

Report on the retreat with Sayadaw Thitzana

In June, I attended a retreat with Sayadaw Thitzana at the Dharma Centre in Kinmount, Ontario.  I stayed only a few days as I had to work that week.

The Sayadaw is very learned and emanates loving kindness.  He spoke to a group of us in Peterborough the day before the retreat began.  His English is quite good, and he presents his talks in a well thought-out manner.  At the retreat, he took time to teach a bit of Pali grammar.  He has written a Pali grammar book and is planning to translate it from Burmese to English.  His teaching style is very inspiring, and he made it sound like learning Pali would be relatively easy.  

After the retreat, the Sayadaw went to Laval, Quebec to lead a ten day retreat.  If you have an opportunity to attend one of his retreats, I think it would prove to be most worthwhile.  

Here is a description of his retreat in Kinmount:

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